Est. 1986

Watford, a borough of 76,000, is located a short distance northwest of London.

Ruled by a succession of feudal lords during much of its recorded history dating back nearly 1,000 years, Watford became known in the 1700's as a market town. The borough began attracting industry in the 1800's, and although most of the early factories and mills have faded away, Watford has diversified, much like Wilmington. Its crystal is word-famous, and its major sports team, a soccer club chaired by rock star Elton John, had enjoyed great success in England's passionate competitions. 

Feeling that there were enough similarities between Watford and Wilmington to make a bond attractive, Watford invited a Wilmington delegation to the city in 1985. A subsequent visit by members of the Watford 36-member borough council in the spring of 1986 led to the establisment of our Sister City. Alternating exchanges of the delegations, beginning in October of 1987, and projected youth exchanges promise to make this an exciting sister cities relationship. 

Julian Critchlow of the Watford Harriers won the Caesar Rodney half-marathon 1997, 1998, & 1999.