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Sister Cities Gardens

Brandywine Park, Wilmington

Sister Cities of Wilmington maintains 5 flower gardens in Brandywine Park. The gardens are located in 3 plots at the southeast corner of North Van Buren street and North Park Drive. The gardens celebrate the friendship and association of Wilmington and its 5 sister cities of Kalmar, Sweden; Fulda, Germany; Osogbo, Nigeria; Olevano sul Tusciano, Italy; and Nemours, France. Each of the 5 gardens is dedicated to one of the sister cities, and the flower display, which is replanted each spring, represents the colors of the respective sister cities' national flags.

During the past few years, Sister Cities of Wilmington has entered its gardens in the annual Wilmington City Gardens Contest. It has been recognized with awards on several occasions. The gardens are planted by permission and with the support of the Delaware State park administration and there is sufficient area available to accommodate new gardens for future sister city associations.

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